Rest in Peace: Herschell Gordon Lewis – Godfather of Gore


Words kind of escape us at the moment. I mean, we knew this day would comes, as it will come for us all, but that doesn’t make it sting any less. The Godfather of Gore, the wondrously cool Herschell Gordon Lewis, has passed on at the age of 87. He was born June 15, 1929, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and died today, September 26, 2016.

The news comes from the Something Weird Facebook page as the company was handling Herschell’s many films. Lewis was more than just a filmmaker. He was a fearless pioneer, a certified genius, and probably one of the nicest guys we ever had the pleasure of knowing and growing with.

His legacy will live on long after we’re all gone, and generations to come will be better off for it. Do yourselves a favor: Watch one of his movies today, and smile at the sheer giddy, depraved madness of it all. Knowing Herschell, he’d consider that an honor, and it’s the way he’d want to be remembered.

We here at Dread Central send our¬†sincere condolences out to Lewis’ many friends, family members, and constituents. ¬†We will miss you, sir. Thank you so much for all the chills, laughs, and smiles. Godspeed, oh great one. Until we meet again…

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