Monster Brawl Getting Ready to Rumble


Both the title and the concept sound like the basis for an old NES video game, but Monster Brawl is actually a horror-comedy now in production about ultimate monster fighting starring an eclectic cast of actors and talent from the world of pro wrestling and MMA.

Foresight Features and Anchor Bay Entertainment are behind the film now shooting in Ontario, Canada under the direction of the duo behind the 2008 fright flick Scarce. The film, according to Shock Till You Drop, “depicts an action-packed fighting tournament set in an abandoned graveyard transformed into a brawling venue. Brawl promises to feature a roster of classic monsters, battling to the death in an explosive Pay-Per-View television broadcast format.”

The cast for Monster Brawl includes the likes of comedian Dave Foley, the incomparable Lance Henriksen, wrestler/actor Kevin Nash, legendary wrestling manager “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, MMA referee Herb Dean, and Robert Maillet, a towering former WWE wrestler known then as “Kurrgan” but now probably more recognizable as the giant that kicked Robert Downey, Jr.’s butt in the boatyard battle in Sherlock Holmes.

With Maillet in the cast I think it’s safe to assume we know who will be playing Frankenstein. With Jimmy Hart in the cast, I don’t know – maybe managing the resurrected flesh-eating zombie of Andy Kaufman? Hold on. Dave Foley? Are we sure they didn’t meant to hire Mick Foley but got confused and hired the “Kids in the Hall” guy instead?

Monster Brawl sounds like one of those ideas that’s going to either make for a really fun flick or be one that sounded a lot better in idea than execution. I’ll just cross my fingers because it really does sound like a fun premise although I can definitely imagine the folks behind Kaiju Big Battel somewhere stomping their feet and going, “Been there, done that!”

Monster Brawl Getting Ready to Rumble

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