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Irish Horror Film Ventures Beyond The Woods



We love everything Irish round these parts (who doesn’t?), and so we’re really loving the trailer for the Irish horror film Beyond the Woods from director Sean Breathnach.

The film stars Irene Kelleher (“Game of Thrones”), Ross Mac Mahon (“Penny Dreadful”) and Claire Loy (Casualty). The film recieves its home premiere at Indie Cork Film Festival in October, and it’s also screening at Fright Night Film Festival in Kentucky in November – currently a USA premiere.

Written and directed by Breathnach, Beyond the Woods tells the story of a gang of friends who meet up for a weekend away in an isolated holiday home in the middle of a forest. Unfortunately for them a fiery sink-hole has opened nearby, roads have been closed and there’s a real stench of sulphur. The friends won’t let a small thing like that spoil their plans to party, but as the weekend progresses some of them start acting out of character, one goes missing and little by little they realize that it’s not just a sinkhole that opened up nearby but something altogether more horrific.





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