New Short Shows that Teddy Bears Are for Lovers


It’s been awhile since we’ve kicked off your weekend with a fun new short film, but when producer Matthew Hawksworth got in touch to tell us about Teddy Bears Are for Lovers, we just had to share it!

In case you didn’t realize it, today (September 9th) is National Teddy Bear Day so the timing couldn’t be better.

In the vein of Gremlins, Teddy Bears Are for Lovers is a short horror comedy following a 20-something Casanova who becomes haunted by the teddy bears he gave to his ex-girlfriends.

Directed by Almog Avidan Antonir and written by David Ernesto Vendrell, the short stars Ken Ashton as Collin, Marie Oldenbourg as Sarah, Phil Miller as the voice of Mr. Snuggles, David Caprita as the voice of Stitches, Chase Cargill as the voice of One-Eye Barry, John F. Thomas as the voice of Harold Huggerson, and Jodi Harrison as the voice of Dumpy. Raptor House Effects brought the teddy bears to life using five different animatronic bears.

Check out some stills and the short itself below. Big thanks to Matthew for sharing!




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