South Carolina Clown Madness Continues; Man Chases Creepy Clown With Machete!


We’re not exactly sure what the hell is going on over in South Carolina right now, but we do know that since we reported a handful of creepy clown encounters last week, several more have made front page headlines in the wake of that story. So many, in fact, that they’re now being tracked on Google Maps.

The latest story, as reported by Greensboro News, suggests that non-clowns are starting to fight back. Over in Greensboro, South Carolina, a brave man who spotted a clown near his apartment complex picked up a machete and chased the red-nosed terrorist off into the woods, though he wasn’t able to catch him.

This particular clown was spotted around 10:00 a.m. at apartment complex The Park at Oak Ridge, and he or she (it’s unclear at this time) was wearing a mask, yellow dotted shirt, and blue pants and had red curly hair. Like all the previous incidents, police who arrived on the scene were unable to locate the clown.

All of this madness began a couple weeks ago in Greenville County, when a clown hiding out in the woods behind an apartment complex allegedly tried to lure children into his grasp with the promise of candy. Thankfully, no one has yet been physically injured by any of these clowns, but we fear that’s the next logical step.

The “Clown Sightings” map of South Carolina now lists eight separate incidents, dating back to August 21st. Are they all the work of one clown? Or are several of them working together to spread nightmares across the state? All we know is that we’re going to stay out of South Carolina for a good long while.

Stay safe out there, friends.




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