Melodic Mayhem: Zombiecock


I’ve always been intrigued by how bands come up with and decide on the monikers that they use for their musical careers. Many artists and bands over the years have had names ranging from simple and boring to weird and extravagant.

Which brings me to our subjects today, a group of horrorpunks out of Salt Lake City that go by the name of Zombiecock. Yup, let that one sink in.

Originally formed in 2012, the band — consisting of bassist/vocalist Willie “Wolfbite” Hatton-Ward, guitarist/vocalists Ryan Davies and Alex Hansen, and drummer Nic Battad — recently released their sophomore album. With a name like Zombiecock, the band could likely get away with using the shock value and just resting on their laurels. Thankfully, these guys are the real deal, and I would argue that they are one of the best bands within the genre right now.

Releasing their debut album Zombies Love Punk Rock in 2015, the band blasts through the six original songs, wrapping things up with an awesome cover of “I’m a Zombie” by genre legends Blitzkid. With songs like “Rest in Pieces” and “Slow Death,” the Salt Lake City-based band made quite a statement with their debut. Then the band released a self-titled follow-up in 2016 that is even better than their debut. Songs like “In the Attic,” “Wasted,” and “Your Own Demons” are arguably some of the best horrorpunk songs to hit in 2016, a year that has had a ton of incredible releases.

Head over to the band’s office Facebook page to stay up-to-date; then visit their Bandcamp page to grab a digital copy of Zombies Love Punk Rock and their BigCartel page to get your copy of the new self-titled album. When you get over to their Facebook page, make sure to tell ‘em that Mister Gore sent ya!

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2015 – Zombies Love Punk Rock
2016 – Zombiecock




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