Evil Finds a New Dimension in Apt 3D


Our friends over at Indican Pictures just sent over the first word about their new flick Apt 3D, and we have it for you right here. Check it out!

From co-directors Zack Imbrogno and Horst Dieter Baum, Apt 3D stars Maxxe Sternbaum (Thrill, “Sisters,” “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”), Imbrogno (Fear, Inc.; Warpaint), and Jordan Lewis (The Heart Machine).

It’s mid-January, and LA native Erin has just moved to New York City with Ben, her boyfriend and recently hired TV staff writer. Ben’s sister is away and has allowed the couple to sublet her apartment. Their relationship grows rocky as Erin attempts to adjust to life in the cold, unwelcoming city — adding to the strain on the couple is their imposing next door neighbor, Chris, the inexplicable late-night sounds in the building, and the mounting signs that Ben’s sister is not volunteering abroad but has altogether vanished. As events inside the apartment go from paranormal to downright terrifying, Ben and Erin are thrust into a fight for their lives against dark entities with an evil agenda.

Apt 3D


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