First Sounds From Zombie’s Halloween


First sounds from Zombie's HalloweenWith Rob Zombie's upcoming remake/reimagining of Halloween due out October 19th, 2007, one of the biggest questions when Zombie made it clear that he was distancing his film from the original was how different the music would be.

One of Bloody Disgusting's intrepid readers discovered the answer over on the official site for Tyler Bates, who will be handling the score for Halloween. The goods news is that iconic theme is in place, unaltered and still creepy as hell. Bates has basically taken Carpenter's original theme and given it a bit more "oomph". Check out the site here, and be sure you choose to "download" the track, as I couldn't get it to just play on the site. Plus that way you can try to get it on your iPod and pretend you're stalking girls in the subway when really you just like the way they smell, and if they would just ask before they start screaming their heads off, you could surely make them understand…

Ahem. Sorry. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about the Halloween remake very soon, so don't freakin' move.

Johnny Butane

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