DVD Release List: Cannibals & Corpses


A whole bunch of weird stuff is coming to DVD on April 24th, 2007…

Click here to see it bigger!The Black Cat (1981)
Directed by Lucio Fulci

Blue Underground continues their recent trend of re-releasing Anchor Bay titles with this odd Fulci adaptation of the titular Edgar Allen Poe story. The story is about a man in a small English village who has the ability to both read minds and control the will of his cat. He uses the unwitting feline to enact revenge on his enemies. When the local police start to notice cat scratches on murder victims, they call in a Scotland Yard investigator to get to the bottom of it. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Bloodmask (2006)
Directed by Dennis Devine

Six college students are trapped in a haunted mansion and, to make matters worse, they’re dying one by one with an iron mask nailed to their faces. That’s just a world of suck, folks. A girl named Nicole watches as her friends fight for their lives and, if the hype is to believed, their very souls (cue spooky music). Too bad they had to rip off the poster art for Behind the Mask for their cover. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Curse of the Sun (2004)
Directed by Kittipong Panyataweesap

Before I get to what this film is actually about, let’s focus for a moment on the name of the director; look at that shit, man! Kittipong! Sounds like a game my wife would want to buy for our DS. Anyway, the film is about a man whose girlfriend dies while he’s on the way to see her in the midst of an eclipse. A local doctor, with knowledge of resurrection, brings her back as a flesh starved zombie. Well, that’s a pain in the ass, especially when you just want to chill out and watch a movie with her. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Dead Body Man 2: Separation Anxiety (2005)
Directed by Ryan Cavalline

A sequel to a movie I’ve never even heard of, let alone seen. Though I admit it’s not the first time that’s happened… but man look at that cover. How moronic. And why are the chickens not safe? First and foremost because it’s a horror/comedy (duh), and it contains lots of blood and nudity apparently, which is appealing to some of you, admit it. I know I like both, otherwise why would I be doing this? Still, the reference to chickens worries me… Buy it here to take the chance!

Click here to see it bigger!Diary of a Cannibal (2007)
Directed by Uli Lommel

Yet another story based on the infamous true story of a German man you searched for another man on the internet who was willing to be eaten. This time, however, hack director Uli Lommel gets his hands on it and, as The Foywonder points out in his Diary of a Cannibal review, he screws it up just like one would expect him to. Of course, it’s an experimental art film, too, just to make sure you really don’t have any reason to get it. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!The Ghost (2004)
Directed by Kim Tae-gyun

A young girl suffering from amnesia with no memory of her life beyond a few months prior really starts to wonder what the hell happened when her old friends start dying one by one. She soon figures out that she was friends with three other girls who formed an impenetrable alliance. But something very terrible happened that put a wedge between them. Of course said event is connected with the amnesia. It’s actually a pretty decent little film, though not entirely original. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Hoboken Hollow (2007)
Directed by Glen Stephens

A drifter, fresh from the war with horrible images still working his brain, wanders to a small town in Texas to find work – Hoboken Hollow. He gets a job at a local ranch, but starts to get a bit warry when he hears stories of other drifters that would show up in town and disappear a few days later. Soon he figures out that the ranch owner has been using said drifters for his own nefarious deeds. Hilarity ensues. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Horror Theater: Triple Feature Collection
Directed by Various

Media Blasters takes their somewhat confusing series of Horror Theater volumes and just throws ‘em all into one set with a pretty cool cover. Or at least an eye-catching cover. Many stories are in this set, including ones about a former overweight girl who gets the urge to eat her former lover, a man who worries his cheating wife may not be human, and a tale about a group of kids who go to shoot a horror movie in an abandoned warehouse, only for their horror to become real. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!The House by the Cemetery (1981)
Directed by Lucio Fulci

Another Anchor Bay re-release by Blue Underground, the story is about a young family (the wife of which is the ethereal beauty known as Catriona McColl to US viewers … so yummy then) moves out of their hectic New York lifestyle to the quiet country. Unfortunately, the man who owned the house they move into before them was a madman who performed sick experiments in the basement, some of which are still down there. Featuring one of the worse overdub jobs in the history of cinema but some great Fulci madness to make up for it! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!The Last Supper (2005)
Directed by Osamu Fukutani

Ah, cannibalism. The one last remaining taboo in our culture though I’m sure if trapped in an elevator for any length of time you might look at your fellow trapped passengers when those hunger pangs kick in. This film is about a respected doctor whose secret life is that of people-eating, even going so far as to keep an online journal of his deeds that is eventually found by a curious detective. Will this be the end of the doctor or a new beginning for the detective? Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1975)
Directed by Jorge Grau

Truly, as the quote on the front says, this is one of the best zombie movies made, at least for its time frame. Very underrated and for some reason barely seen, the film (which goes under the alternate – and better – title The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue) is about a couple of hippies suspected of Manson family-like murders, who soon learn that the real culprits are the living dead, brought back to life by an experimental new method of killing insects. Blue Underground’s re-release is more than worth getting if you’ve skipped this before so make sure you see it! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!The Living Coffin (1958)
Directed by Fernando Mendez & Manuel San Fernando

CasaNegra Entertainment brings this cowboy horror film to the US for the first time fully uncut and with a transfer done from a pristine print. In it a cowboy and his sidekick, Crazy Wolf, go into a strange small town to question the locals about a statue they’ve found that depicts a woman crying. They learn that it was created by the now-dead Clotidle, who has been spotted around the town by local residents, crying. Pretty soon things get even stranger as some bandits show up in a search for a vein of gold, and a lot of bodies pile up. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Macabre (1980)
Directed by Lamberto Bava

Talk about a bad day! Not only does our main character lose her love in a tragic car accident (which decapitates him), but the very same day her daughter drowns her brother. Wow. So of course she spends the next few years in an insane asylum, as would anyone I hope. When she’s released she goes to live with her ex-lover’s blind brother and keeps something very secret hidden in the freezer. Hmmmm … Wonder what it could be? So does he and begins investigating … horror ensues. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!The Man and the Monster (1958)
Directed by Rafael Baledon

Another uncut and fully remastered slice of Spanish cinema from the folks at CasaNegra. The story is about a pianist so desperate for fame and adulation that he sells his soul to the devil to make it happen. Every time he plays the one song that makes him so famous, however, he turns into a bloodthirsty beast with a taste for humans. All he has to do to prevent this from happening is not play the song, of course, but that’s about the hardest thing in the world for him. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Naked You Die (1968)
Directed by Antonio Margheriti

Finally, fans of this strange giallo will get to see it in it’s uncut glory thanks to Dark Sky Films. Originally released as The Young, The Evil and The Savage and cut by 15 minutes, this tale of murder and deception in an all-girls school has been fully restored. Mario Bava wrote the screenplay on which the film was based, as well, so even if Margheriti’s name doesn’t jump out at you, it’s worth a look! Buy it here!

Satan's Cannibal Holocaust on DVD!Satan’s Cannibal Holocaust (2007)
Directed by Jim Wayer

Kelly, a young journalist, begins work on her next big piece; a retrospective on her father the city’s mayor. She is hoping to have a nice article about all the great things being done in her community but instead soon learns that the community is actually slowly being eaten by the denizens of underground catacombs, where horrible and satanic happenings are going down on a daily basis. Now that’s the kind of news story I want to read about when I open the paper! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Thr3e (2007)
Directed by Robby Henson

Christian horror. Probably the very last thing on the list of “what the world needs now”, if not at least close to the bottom. But hell, at least someone out there is trying to send a message, right? Sure whatever. Marc Blucas (former “Buffy” boyfriend) stars in this religious thriller as a man who begins to get threatening phone calls from The Riddle Killer and two women come to his rescue. Pretty soon they figure out that the Killer couldn’t actually be threatening their friend’s life, and perhaps he’s the one doing it to himself. Just read The Foywonder’s review of Thr3e to find out how bad it really is, okay? Buy it here!

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