#SDCC 16: Neil Gaiman Talks Potential Sandman Movie


While making the press rounds at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con for “American Gods,” Neil Gaiman was asked about the status of a movie version of his Sandman comic, which was previously in the works with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

He explained during a chat with MTV that “…it’s weird… it’s not owned by me; it’s owned by DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers… I very much hope that one day a great Sandman movie will be made.  I would much rather no Sandman movie were made than a bad Sandman movie were made…  I do tend to feel that things come along and happen when the time is right.”

Here’s hoping that right time does come along eventually!

Per NeilGaiman.com:
Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman was launched in 1989. This extremely popular series was bound into ten collections. Following Dream of the Endless, also known as Morpheus, Onieros, and many other names, we explore a magical world filled with stories both horrific and beautiful.

What do you need to know to enjoy the series? Only that there are seven brothers and sisters who have been since the beginning of time, the Endless. They are Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Delirium, who was once Delight, and Destruction, who turned his back on his duties. Their names describe their function and the realms that they are in charge of. Several years ago, a coven of wizards attempted to end death by taking Death captive, but captured Dream instead. When he finally escapes, he must face the changes that have gone on in his realm and the changes in himself.

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