Exclusive Concept Art and Casting News: The Asphyx Remake


One flick we’re really looking forward to around these parts is the remake of Peter Newbrook’s 1972 classic The Asphyx. If you’ve never heard of that little known classic, do yourself a favor and track it down! With production of Matthew McGuchan’s new take on the material gearing up, the filmmakers have gotten in touch with a lot of goodies for you!

Black & Blue Films’ The Asphyx remake, which is written and directed by Matthew McGuchan and produced by Jonathan Sothcott, has landed its first two leads — Danny Dyer and Alison Doody.

I love working with Danny Dyer,” says producer Sothcott. “He’s without a doubt the biggest star in the Brit indie film market, but he’s also an utterly compelling screen actor and he’s going to be at the top of his game in The Asphyx. His role is one that will really stretch him as an actor, and he’s going to surprise a lot of people. Danny and I both love horror movies, and we’ve both made some good ones and some bad ones — but The Asphyx has got to be a real cut above.

Sothcott continues, “I did a little promo with Alison Doody a few years ago, and I’ve never met anyone like her — apart from being without a doubt the most beautiful girl in the world, she also has more star quality than anyone I’ve ever met. I’m so lucky to have her in this film – it will put it in a different league.”

“I’m incredibly excited that Alison Doody and Danny Dyer have joined the cast of The Asphyx,” says director McGuchan. “Ms. Doody is an icon and a magnetic screen presence. I’m thrilled to be working with an actress of her caliber, and I think audiences will be stunned by the power and passion of the character she plays here.

McGuchan continues, “Danny’s a real talent who has a genuine love for the horror genre. He’s fearless in front of the camera, and I know we’ll see some fireworks from him. The Asphyx explores some profoundly dark and chilling territory; I can’t wait to let our stars loose on it; I know they’re going to knock it out of the park.

After The Asphyx Sothcott revealed that he has another remake on the way as well, “We’re going to do another classic horror remake after The Asphyx — the Boris Karloff film The Sorcerers. Matthew McGuchan is writing it already, and it will be Dan again (in the Ian Ogilvy part) and I’m going to put him up against a really iconic older actor. Imagine if we got Michael Caine.

Also hitting UK DVD from Black & Blue films will be the long talked about Dead Cert on September 27th and Devil’s Playground on October 18th. Keep your eye on these cats, they’ve got some really interesting stuff on the horizon! Check out some exclusive concept art as well as the original trailer for The Asphyx below!

Hugo is a brilliant turn-of-the-century scientist – loved and respected by his family and friends, admired by his colleagues. But he is a man quickly becoming obsessed with a curious and frightening question: What is the mysterious apparition found in the photographs of his dying subjects? Hugo brings to a family boating party his newest invention – a motion picture camera. The party quickly turns into a disaster as he captures on film the tragic drowning of his wife and son. When the film is replayed later, the same ghostlike presence appears. It flies towards his son and vanishes inside his dying body. Has Hugo discovered The Asphyx, the spirit of the dead described in Greek mythology? A spirit which lives in constant agony, not finding rest until it takes possession of a human body? Could the spirit, if captured, become the key to immortality? Hugo is compelled to find the answers. It is a ghoulish search, with eternally haunting results.

Click on the artwork to see it a bit bigger.

Exclusive Concept Art The Asyphyx Remake (click for larger image)

Exclusive Concept Art The Asyphyx Remake (click for larger image)

Exclusive Concept Art The Asyphyx Remake (click for larger image)

Exclusive Concept Art The Asyphyx Remake (click for larger image)

Exclusive Concept Art The Asyphyx Remake (click for larger image)

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