Kurt Russell Faces Off Against Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York Crossover Comic


Sometimes an idea comes along that’s so damn simple and yet at the same time so amazingly effective that you wonder why the hell you didn’t think of it yourself. Combining peanuts and jelly was a decision worthy of Einstein, and now we have yet another oh so straightforward and yet oh so genius idea that truly is one for the record books.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we’ve got news of the new six-issue limited comic series Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York, which will see a Kurt Russell crossover with (drumroll) Kurt Russell. Or, more precisely, Snake Plissken crossing over with Jack Burton. Yep, two characters played by Kurt Russell in movies directed by John Carpenter will be going head to head. How the bloody hell did nobody think of this before?

Well, anyway, the series comes from writer Greg Pak and artist Daniel Bayliss – with Carpenter’s blessing – and sees the laid-back Burton transported to the dystopian world of the no-nonsense, eyepatch-wearing Plissken. Naturally, the pair team up to do what they do best: deliver Kurt Russell-style ass-whippings to assholes who deserve them.

Issue #1 debuts in October.

Now, if you’re reading this, Mr. Carpenter, please get Kurt Russell on the phone, employ face-swapping technology, and make this into a movie! Goddammit, I want to see a They Live-style prolonged fistfight between Plisskin and Burton!

Big Trouble in Little China-Escape from New York1

Big Trouble in Little China-Escape from New York3



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