The 20 Grooviest Bruce Campbell Tattoos!


Not all Bruce Campbell fans are created equal, and I say that because though I consider myself a huge fan of the man’s work and general awesomeness, you won’t find his face tattooed anywhere on my body. He’s not on my arm, he’s not on my leg, and he’s damn sure not on my right butt cheek. But it’d be way cooler if he was.

At the time of writing this post, it is Bruce Campbell’s 58th birthday, and we wanted to celebrate by showing off some badass ink that his biggest and most dead-icated fans have permanently etched into their skin. Like the Necronomicon itself, these diehards are bound in flesh and inked with blood and guts, and we love them for that.

As for Bruce, well, I don’t think you need us to tell you how much we love him. Whether he’s playing the chainsaw-handed Ash in the Evil Dead films – or the must-watch Starz series “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” which returns this October! – starring in an Old Spice commercial or writing a book on love-making, Campbell is truly a God among men, and the very personification of the term “horror icon.” Simply put, he’s the grooviest dude to ever spill blood on the silver screen.

Watch our video tribute to the best Bruce Campbell fan ink below!

bruce tat 1

bruce tat 2

bruce tat 3

bruce tat 4

bruce tat 5

bruce tat 6

bruce tat 7

bruce tat 8

bruce tat 9

bruce tat 10

bruce tat 11

bruce tat 12

bruce tat 13

bruce tat 14

bruce tat 15

bruce tat 16

bruce tat 17

bruce tat 20

bruce tat 18



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