Melodic Mayhem: Hellgreaser


Coming out of Germany, Hellgreaser are a three-piece horrorpunk band who have been making quite a name for themselves over the past several years. With a sound that is both familiar and somehow unique to them at the same time, Hellgreaser is undoubtedly a band that anyone interested in horrorpunk should be checking out.


Featuring the talents of The Slaughter Lamb on vocals and guitar, Demon Machine on drums and Screaming Hairy on bass and vocals, the three-piece band out of Köln have released two albums to date, both of which have been received well by the horrorpunk community.

Released in 2011, The Humans Must Die served as the introduction to the band for many, myself included. While the album only contained five songs, the band ensured that they gave everything they had to the album’s short runtime. Highlights include the opening track, “Frozen Heart,” and “Go Hellgreaser Go.” A true highlight of the album is the band’s closing track, “The Wolfman,” where the band slows down for an absolutely incredible song.

Following up on The Humans Must Die, the band released Bloody Moonlight Dance in 2013 to another good reception from the band’s rabid fan base. Songs such as the title track, the band’s ode to everyone’s favorite hunchbacked assistant “Igor,” and the Nightmare on Elm Street themed “Freddy Is Back” make for a ridiculously catchy album. The highlight of the album is undoubtedly “Mother of Them All,” a song that completely encapsulates everything that is great about Hellgreaser.

2011 – The Humans Must Die
2013 – Bloody Moonlight Dance
2014 – Tales of Hellgreaser – Frightguys (Single)

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