Exclusive: Zak Bagans Gives Haunted Museum and Ghost Adventures Update


Recently we caught up with Zak Bagans while he and his “Ghost Adventures” crew were in the middle of shooting the new season and got the scoop on when you’ll be able to visit his haunted museum in Vegas and what you can expect next from Travel Channel’s paranormal juggernaut show.

The question on the minds of lots of fans is simple… When will they be able to visit Bagans’ museum of haunted objects that was featured in the show “Deadly Possessions”?

The building [that houses the museum] is from 1938, and we have confirmed that people have died inside of it over the years,” Bagans tells us. “We brought in a pair of construction workers from Los Angeles who specialize in set design. After being there just a short while, they both, literally, ran out of my building and quit after having experiences inside. As a result construction has slowed a bit, thus resulting in a delay in opening the museum to the public. Rest assured I’m as anxious to get this place open as anybody, and as soon as I have a concrete opening date, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Interestingly enough, “The construction guys quitting actually caused us to investigate the place for an episode of ‘Ghost Adventures.’ The museum… it will touch you. You hear voices. You feel cold energies pass through you. There’s never been anything like it.

Speaking of the new season and what to expect from the show that started it all:

In the new season we decided to return to Winchester Mystery House. Our first investigation there was the ONLY one in ‘Ghost Adventures’ history that we had to stop in the middle of because of something very serious that happened to me. We also have an episode coming up in which for the first time Billy [Tolley] completely loses himself during an investigation of a demonic infestation, which results in some of the most chilling evidence to date. That place is described as the ‘House of Evil.’

Four remaining brand-new episodes from last season will premiere beginning on July 16th.

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