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Dennis Carlsson


DC’s The Devil’s Muse: Artist Spotlight – Dennis Carlsson

Hello again, everyone, and welcome back to another Devil’s Muse! Today we’re taking a closer look at Dennis Carlsson.

A tattoo artist from Sweden, Dennis not only does amazing tattoos, but he also creates photo-realistic portraits and other fine art. The subjects of Dennis’ portraits are usually far from average; they run the gamut from hyper-realistic dinosaurs to horror villain icons to creepy monsters.

A great part of Dennis’ craft is that he posts videos of his painting process on YouTube. So not only can you see the awe-inspiring and terrifying results of his work, you can see what it took to get there.

Check out some of Dennis’ art below!

To see more artwork from Dennis Carlsson, check out his accounts on DeviantArt, Instagram, and YouTube! Let us know what you thought of this week’s pick in the comments below! And check back next week for the next Devil’s Muse!


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