Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho Gets a Video Game Adaptation… Kind of


Well, I never though I’d see the day. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho has received a video game adaptation. Kind of…

You see, it’s not an official adaptation per se; but rather, it’s more of an homage that takes inspiration from Hitchcock’s masterpiece. The official synopsis for Gates Motel naturally closely resembles that of the film, and damn, the sign, motel, and house in the pictures look pretty much 100% identical. And no prizes for guessing where the title comes from. Just swap the “G” with a “B.”

So yeah, they’re not exactly subtle about where the inspiration for the game came from. Have a look at it over on Steam Greenlight to decide whether it’s a respectful homage or something that would make Hitchcock roll in his grave.

The game puts players in a motel off the main road, where they will play as a woman who has to confront two kinds of nightmares: the owner of the establishment as well as her own deep, dark fears. Your job is to avoid the same fate previous tenants had to suffer while making your way to the telephone to notify local authorities and be rescued.

Akin to traditional survival horror games, you will have to use your inventory and your cunning to solve various puzzles as you find your way through the motel.

Survive the night, face your fears, live to see another day or perish. Are you ready?

The game is currently in its pre-alpha state; we will do our best to improve it and will keep you guys up-to-date with frequent reports on the game’s development.

Thank you for your time and for your support.


gates_hotel_house_converted (1) (1)

gates_motel2 (2)



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