Asylum Mockbusters Make a Resurgence with Their Independents’ Day Trailer


Independents’ Day? That’s pretty damn shameless even for The Asylum. Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo. I salute you.

The Asylum will not go quietly into the night, and thus, they mark their return to the type of lawsuit-baiting mockbusters I thought they were trying to move away from. If you can’t guess what movie and its forthcoming sequel Independents’ Day is trying to capitalize on, then you must be from another planet.

You can’t say The Asylum hasn’t come a long way. Just look at the special effects in this trailer. Maybe not on the level of its big screen counterpart but very well done for a low budget knock-off. Hell, I still remember watching the big blue energy beam blasting down from a similar oversized spaceship in their Battle of Los Angeles mockbuster years ago and remarking how it looked like aliens were bombarding the City of the Angels with what looked to me like a colossal stream of dishwashing liquid. Odd how the f/x look solid here but everything else feels a wee bit on the chintzy side.

So, what’s it about, who does it star, and who made it? Well, I can tell you The Asylum produced it because they’re the ones who posted the trailer. I can’t seem to find any other information. What more do you need to know?

Earth is being invaded by insectoid aliens in gargantuan UFOs that want to annihilate us. We fight back. The President is a woman. A bald guy with a beard also appears to play a key role in Earth’s salvation. The White House gets blown up in a scene lifted directly from a 20-year-old movie of roughly the same title.

At this point I truly believe The Asylum could release a boxset comprised exclusively of mockbusters they’ve done based on Roland Emmerich movies alone.

I decided to Google “Independents’ Day” to see if there is an actual holiday by that name. I can confirm there is an annual “Independents’ Day” celebration in East Ohio that actually takes place in September, but I have a hard time believing extraterrestrials would arrive just to wreck that. There’s also a rap album by that name from 2005 by Royce Da 5’9”, who, alas, is not in the movie playing the Will Smith character.

But I digress…

Here’s the trailer for The Asylum’s Independents’ Day, written and directed by people, starring other people. Educated guess this will arrive on DVD and/or VOD right around the time Independence Day: Resurgence invades theaters this summer.

Independents Day



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