Artist Makes Vintage VHS Boxes for Current Horror Movies


The VHS format, for all intents and purposes, has been dead for quite some time. And though dead is sometimes better – thanks for that wisdom, Herman Munster – I’m not so sure that’s the case when it comes to the almighty VHS tape. Because no matter how dead the format may officially be, the world is just so much better when we pretend it’s not.

There has been somewhat of a VHS resurgence in the last several years, and it’s all been thanks to fans who refuse to let go. For many horror fans, including myself, those oh-so-glorious video shops of our youth provided us with our first introduction to the horror genre, and it’s hard not to yearn for the return of those days.

Okay, so the video stores are probably never coming back, but we can dream. Nobody can take that away from us.

What would it be like if mom and pop video shops were still around today? What would the VHS boxes of modern horror movies look like? An artist who goes by the name Steelberg (@iamsteelberg over on Instagram) is here to walk us hand-in-hand into that wonderful alternate reality, and we could kiss his feet right about now.

Check out Steelberg’s custom-made, period-authentic VHS boxes for current horror movies like The Cabin in the Woods, Zombieland, The Witch, It Follows, Deathgasm, and even Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters!

Oh and be kind. Rewind.

vhs-cabin in the woods







vhs-true blood






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