John Clisham Unleashes His Inner Demon, a Gunman, and More


Does anyone remember back in 2008 when Xbox released a series of short films under the “Horror Directors Do Comedy” banner?  Well, John Clisham, the writer/director of one them (the well-received Janitor), has now released a collection of stories on Kindle… mostly for free.

We have the details of the first five he’s made available right here.  If they pique your interest, visit Clisham’s Author Page on Amazon.

Clisham told us why he opted to share his tales, “Overall, my background is in film – I did Janitor for Xbox Live, then continued selling scripts to WB and New Line.  But my creative process is to test ideas out in story form – then continue to develop them in other mediums. So this past fall, I started going through my files and posting some of the stories from this collection.  And as a kid from Maine, naturally I lean towards horror and spooky things.”

Up for grabs are:

  • Soon They Be Dead: Three truck drivers uncover a startling discovery about the load they’re hauling. $0.99
  • Inner Demon: Sometimes the laundromat is the only place to stay sane. And for Stan, a man with a terrible secret – this is where he goes he keep the beast inside. $0.00
  • Gunman: It’s early morning. You’re sitting at your desk – when you hear something. Sounds like a gunshot, but it couldn’t be that, could it? You hear it again, and then once more. Soon, an epic flood of screaming and panic takes over the office. Your co-worker – the quiet guy two cubicles down – is brutally gunning down the staff. $0.00
  • Burn: When a hole burns through the ozone layer, one man makes a startling discovery about himself. $0.00
  • Sometimes They Stay: When an innocent man is framed for the murder of the Bangor Police Chief – he must venture deep into a landfill – through the endless tunnels – to find the evidence to clear his name. Except this journey is one of rotting garbage and complete darkness, where mutated rats linger…waiting for their next snack. $0.00




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