The Other Side of the Door

Home Video Date Breaks Through The Other Side of the Door

Once again solidifying the fact that dead is sometimes better, the Johannes Roberts-directed horror film The Other Side of the Door (review) haunted the big screen just about two months ago, and it’s already headed home. We’ve just gotten word that the film will arrive on Digital HD May 24, followed by a DVD and Blu-ray release on June 7.

Read on for details!

In this chilling supernatural story from cowriter-director Johannes Roberts, a family’s idyllic life abroad turns to tragedy — then terror. After her young son dies in an accident, a grieving mother (Sarah Wayne Callies) learns of a ritual that will bring him back for a final goodbye. When she travels to an ancient temple to undertake the ritual, she discovers a door that serves as a portal to the afterworld. But when she ignores a warning not to open the door, the balance between life and death is upset. Now, an unspeakable horror is unleashed that threatens the lives of everyone she loves. This unpredictable film starring Jeremy Sisto delivers edge-of-your-seat thrills from start to finish.

Special Features:

  • Six Deleted Scenes
  • Behind the Door – Making-of Featurette
  • Still Gallery

other side of the door - Home Video Date Breaks Through The Other Side of the Door