Gnaw Preps to Shoot; Director Haylar Garcia Talks!


With 2014’s An American Terror filmmaker Haylar Garcia prepping to shoot the paranormal horror feature Gnaw, we chatted with the Denver-based director regarding the flick, which is set to star Penelope Mitchell of “The Vampire Diaries.”

“For the follow-up to An American Terror,” Garcia told us exclusively of Gnaw, “which was essentially a slasher film with cultural horror baked in, I chose to move in the direction of a true paranormal horror sub-genre flick. Gnaw benefits from the tense, spiral-driven elements of a character and situational thriller but also contains a true paranormal base, and without revealing too much about the plot, I can say this: In life we all have things that eat at us. So in essence… we’re always being eaten.”

Joining star Mitchell in Gnaw are Chris Johnson (xXx: State of the Union) and Kyle Gass (Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny), with a start date of principal photography set for May 2 in Colorado. Garcia will direct from a script he co-wrote with Kathryn Gould and Jim Brennan.

According to the PR, Gnaw follows Jennifer Conrad (Mitchell), a small-town girl fleeing an abusive husband (Johnson), as she tries to make a new life for herself in the big city. But it’s hard to start over when something is eating you alive… one painful bite at a time.

The production will receive funds from Colorado’s progressive film incentive program. Gnaw is a joint production of Unreal Media and Wrecking Ball Pictures.

Penolope Mitchell



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