Trailer Shows Us The Shadow Within

Hollywood starlet Kate Winslet’s little sister, Beth, is looking to get into the biz, and what better jumping off point than a horror flick?

MTI Video announced today that The Root of Evil‘s Silvana Zancolo is back with The Shadow Within starring Hayley Williams, Beth Winslet, Laurence Belcher, and Bonny Ambrose. Look for the film when it hits DVD on May 25th.

Maurice Dumont is a nine-year-old who can connect with the dead. Propelled by grief over the death of Maurice’s twin brother, Jacques, at birth, his mother, Marie, falls under the influence of Madame Armand, who convinces Marie to force her son to act as a medium to the next world. As Jacques asserts himself through Maurice, he comes to the realization that they both desire the same thing: their parents’ love, only Jacques does not want to return to the living: He wants his parents to join him in the afterlife.

Dig on the trailer below courtesy of MTI.

The Shadow Within – Trailer
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