BAFTA-Winning Actor Stuart Brennan Directs and Stars in New Zombie Movie Plan Z


Actor and director Stuart Brennan is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the film industry. After winning a Welsh BAFTA for his role in the boxing drama Risen a few years ago, he’s now back with an all-new zombie movie called Plan Z, which was shot in multiple locations around the world and has already been receiving high praise and accolades.

From the Press Release:
Writer, director, producer, and BAFTA-winning actor Stuart Brennan has a plan for the zombie apocalypse, and it comes in the form of a critically successful and award winning new movie: Plan Z.

The film that was shot in Scotland, the Isle of Skye, London, Chicago, and Verona, Italy received its world premiere recently. HorrorHound Weekend, which holds the HorrorHound Film Festival as part of the 3-day event and is the largest horror event in the US with over 25,000 people in attendance, hosted the film’s first public screening.

With a packed auditorium for the film, Brennan, who stars as a man who has a plan and put it into action when a zombie apocalypse breaks out, attended the event: “It was a huge achievement for our film to premiere at such a prestigious film festival. HorrorHYound is one of the biggest horror magazines in the US, and its event is massive. We were blown away by the number of people in attendance.”

The film not only premiered at the event; it was also nominated in three award categories” Best Film, Best Actor for Stuart Brennan, as well as Best Director, the latter of which Stuart took home: “Awards act as milestones that your journey in this career is headed in the right direction. To take home Best Director for my professional directing debut was an incredible honor.”

Mark Paul Wake, who starred and produced alongside Stuart, was equally impressed by the win: “We all worked so hard on this film, and it’s not a Hollywood budget movie – it’s a real independent – so to see it win and get recognized makes all the hard work worth it.”

Plan Z has premiered during the jewel of horror film festivals in the US and came away with one of its top prizes, but it certainly isn’t stopping there. The film is also part of the Official Selection of the Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver later this month and has won the Royal Reel Best Foreign Film Award.

“A zombie movie needs to do something right to stand out in this marketplace, and so to start off our festival run with two awards back to back is incredible. Best Foreign Film is a big award to take home and really recognies the superb performances from the cast and the tireless dedication from all the crew. I’m so excited to share this movie with more people.”

Plan Z’s next stop is Hawaii, where it has just been accepted as an Official Selection at the Big Island Film Festival – rated as one of the Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the world by MovieMaker Magazine. Brennan will again be in attendance: “It’s so important to support festivals, as well as your film, and I intend to attend as many as I can. Their support and interest in our movie means the world to me.”

Plan Z is produced by Stronghold Europe and is written and directed by Stuart Brennan; produced by Stuart Brennan, Mark Paul Wake, and David Izatt; post-production was provided by Flamingo Post.

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