Julia Starchild 3: The War of the Stars!


Julia_Starchild copy

It was the year 1977.

Year One of Star Wars.

And no one knew that fact better than the producers of the Julia Starchild series, the most notorious and exploitive outer space cheesecake films in history.  Part Emmanuelle, part Barbarella, Julia travelled the universe, getting in wild sexy adventures. But nothing on the screen could ever rival the insane life-and-death exploits of the men and women who made these remarkable “lost” films and their number one fan, who became obsessed to the point of madness.  CLICK JULIA’S NAME BELOW to read the third part of her outrageous behind-the-scenes epic.  This week’s entry is the darkest, as we examine the history of the “worst” film in the series, made on the cheap and crassly marketed to cash in on the Star Wars craze. Be warned.  This tale doesn’t have a happy ending.  Click here:



But the poster sure is cool!

BELOW, please enjoy this week’s EXCLUSIVE JULIA STARCHILD PIN UP, which appeared in theaters lobbies in the summer of Star Wars. It’s actually my favorite of the bunch.

Oh yeah, and if you’re joining us late . . . well, okay, none of these movies really exist in the actual world.  But in the world of SHOCK FESTIVAL they do.  It’s a multi-media exploration of psychotronic exploitation possibilities, alternate realities and human endurance. (Say that five times fast. Go on we dare you!) Hopefully, it’s a trip you will find worth taking.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This poster is intended as FAN ART only and is designed to be shared, for free, for anyone who wants to own it for themselves. Download it, tell your friends, spread the galactic love! And CLICK HERE to jump to my website and read all about Julia!




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