Crazy Looking Russian Superhero Film Guardians Puts Batman v Superman To Shame


Wow. Just, wow. I don’t think I remember the last time a movie trailer had me lost for words, but both trailers for the Russian superhero film Guardians (original title: Zaschitniki) leave me awestruck.

I mean, WTF did I just watch!? Did that guy really turn into a bear in the first? And how the hell did that dude with the swords dodge all those bullets and kill all those soldiers in the second? So yeah, we’re knee-deep in crazy territory.

Set during the Cold War, Guardians is about a team of super-powered individuals who are tasked with protecting Russia. They include a swords-master, whom we see going berserk in the second trailer, a werebear (kind of like a werewolf, but he turns into a bear instead), and a woman who can breathe underwater.

Director Sarik Andreasyan recently brought us the English language crime-thriller American Heist in addition to the Russian sci-fi flick Mafia: Survival Game, which was released over there earlier this year. Guardians is now in post-production and is scheduled for a release in Russia next February. With the superhero genre being as huge as it is, it probably won’t be long before it picks up international distribution. And even at this early stage, a sequel’s already being planned.

With the critical mauling that Batman v Superman’s being subjected to, I’ll take this over any of the crap that Hollywood churns out. I mean, how many Hollywood superhero films literally have a guy transform into a bear with a machine gun strapped to his back? This shit is just awesome!

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