Death by Umbrella Examines The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons


Around these parts we take great pride in seeing our writers do well. Such is the case with our own Jeff Kirschner, who, along with his writing partner, Christopher Lombardo, has released a book for horror fans to die for… in really weird ways!

From the Press Release:
As horror movies have become more extreme, even the tools of the tree surgeon have become passé. Besides, why risk industrial deafness dispatching virgins with a chainsaw?

Death by Umbrella: The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons is a fun-filled romp through the world of gore ordinances. Hosts of The Really Awful Movies Podcast, Christopher Lombardo and Jeff Kirschner, explore a variety of very odd weapons that have helped people meet their maker in horror films.

These include deer antlers, exercise machines, curling irons, ears of corn, and even basketballs thrown at high velocity! A must for horror fans, the book also features some really cool (and gory) illustrations and even a foreword by Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman.

Order your copy here or via Amazon!

Also check out a couple of the book’s illustrations below by artist Mark Thibodeau. Jack Chattox designed the cover art.

Death By Umbrella

Death By Umbrella

Death By Umbrella



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