Brief Teaser and Poster for Japanese Horror Flick Museum Feature a Serial Killer Dressed as a Frog


Warner Bros.’ Japanese division has released a (very) brief teaser trailer and one insane poster for the upcoming film Museum, an adaptation of the manga Museum – The Serial Killer Is Laughing in the Rain by Ryƍsuke Tomoe, about a serial killer dressed as a frog. Looks like we’re in crazy town territory.

The teaser doesn’t say a whole lot, but that poster! It just screams “WTF!” Jason Voorhees has got nothing on that frog-masked guy. Man, I love J-horror.

It was filmed this past November and opens in Japan in the fall with frequent Takashi Miike collaborator Shun Oguri starring in the lead role. Head over to the official website (if you speak Japanese) to learn more.


museumposter (1)



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