Casting Firms Up for Chad Ferrin’s Horror Western Horse


horse1We’re big fans of the horror western here at Dread Central so when we got word that Chad Ferrin’s Horse, a project that’s been in the works for a few years now, is getting under way with some casting news, of course we had to share it!

Henry Ian Cusick (pictured below; “The 100,” “Lost”) and Jansen Panettiere (Eden Falls, Summer Forever) have both joined the cast of Horse, which is written and directed by Ferrin. While Ferrin’s background (which includes such films as The Chair, Somebody’s Knocking at the Door, and Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!) is certainly horror-centric, this new film should fit in as it’s being described as “Django Unchained on steriods” with promises of it being “gross and twisted.” Sounds up our alley, right?

In any event, keep an eye on the Horse Facebook page, and stay tuned for updates as production should be kicking off soon.

Horse is an homage to Boetticher, Peckinpah, Ford, Hawkes, Fuller, and Leone. It is vengeance/siege/chase/masculinity/morality packed into one hell of an action-driven western.

In the Old West, a man relies on two things to survive – his gun and his horse. And Luther Cobb just lost one of those, his beloved horse, Bud. Cobb is a man of true grit, having fought in the Civil War and skirmishes in the American Indian Wars. He has seen plenty of bloodshed and is now on the trail of those responsible for killing his friend.





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