New Version of Jekyll and Hyde Stars Two Lord of the Rings Actors in Lead Roles


Ah, Jekyll and Hyde. The novel that all self-respecting horror fans should read at least once. And yes, there may have already been tons of film adaptations, but every time a new one comes along, we still get hyped as fuck.

If the current Indiegogo campaign is a success, then we’ll be getting a new film adaptation of everyone’s favorite terrible duo very soon indeed. They’re asking for $50,000 to bring Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story to the big screen, with two name actors in tow.

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that they were both featured in the series. The timid Doctor Jekyll will be portrayed by Craig Parker, known for his role as Haldir in Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers, whilst the sinister Hyde will be bought to life by Jed Brophy, whom you may remember as an Orc in the second two LOTR movies and then for his more prominent appearance as Nori in the Hobbit films. Guess we’ll be getting a Tolkien reunion of sorts. The Maddening Descent director Evan Cook will be calling the shots.

In the late 1800s in the midst of the Victorian Era, lawyer Gabriel John Utterson, a friend and confidant of Dr. Henry Jekyll, investigates a string of murders and mishaps, attributed to Hyde, and how they are connected to his friend’s disappearance.

Our story is a direct adaptation from the Robert Louis Stevenson novella set in the dark and dank expanse of Victorian London.

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