Cannibals and Carpet Fitters – The Movie Coming from Predator: Dark Ages Director


We really liked last year’s fan film Predator: Dark Ages, so we implore you to head over to Kickstarter to support director James Bushe’s next film, a feature adaptation of his short Cannibals and Carpet Fitters, about some handymen sent to a remote manor house to apply carpets to the floor, only to find that there’s more than cheese and cocktails on the menu.

Below we’ve included both the original short, and head over to Kickstarter to see their pitch video, which opens with a trailer for the upcoming film.

Cannibals & Carpet Fitters tells the story of a group of carpet fitters who are sent on a job to an old Country house in the middle of nowhere.

However they soon discover it’s a trap set up by the savage, cannibalistic family, The Hannings. The carpet fitters are forced to fight for their lives or risk ending up being the evening’s dinner. Unfortunately they are not quite your typical heroes!

Cannibals & Carpet Fitters is an action packed horror/comedy feature film based on our award-winning short film of the same name that we made a couple of years ago. Our plan was always to make the feature film, with the script being written at the same time as the short. This was our way of giving people a little taste of what we want to bring to the feature film. Of course we was only able to hint at a lot of the things we have planned due to its tight budget and time. So for the feature you can expect more cannibals, more carpet fitters, more laughs and of course more gore! Below is the short film for you to check out if you’ve got a bit of spare time (19 minutes to be exact – perfect lunchtime entertainment).

[vimeo 86968055 w=500 h=281]

Cannibals and Carpet Fritter poster (1)



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