Return Home Brings Top Quality Audio Drama to Radio


If you’ve had enough of Rush Limbaugh and are seeking something else to tune in to on your radio, then look no further than the serialized audio drama “Return Home,” which was released at the start of this month. Read on f0r more details.

From the Press Release:
Bamfer Productions is proud to announce that they released their new serialized audio drama, “Return Home,” on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

“Return Home” is the story of Jonathan Barker, who returns to his home of Melancholy Falls, NJ, after five years away. An unknown entity beckons him back East in order to unravel the mystery of what his home town has become… or has always been. Reunited with his best friend, Buddy, Jonathan must discover the secrets of Melancholy Falls and why he was told to return home.

The show is done in the style of an old time radio drama, like those of the past, but with a modern twist. It is fully produced in stereo sound to make you feel like you are part of the action. Though you can listen however you’d like, it’s recommended you do so with headphones. Alone. In a darkened room.

The show also features an amazingly talented cast, featuring the vocal talents of Forrest Orta, Cleve North, Alyssa Rittorno, Russell Eaton, Rossco SoleTrain, Taylor Thorne, and more. And that’s just the first episode.

Each episode will be split into several parts, with each part being around 10 minutes in length. Parts will be released on Tuesdays until an episode is complete. As a whole, these parts will make up a self-contained story, while every episode will contribute to the overall mythology of the show. The first episode of the show, “Home at Last,” began releasing on March 1, and will be spread over five weeks. Episode 2, titled “Whatever Lies Behind the Door,” will begin releasing on April 5.

“Return Home” is the creation of Jeff Heimbuch, who has been co-hosting the theme park podcast “Communicore Weekly” for the last five years. He is partnering with Andrew Taylor, who is producing this project, and Kori Celeste, who is composing all of the original music.

“I’ve always wanted to expand my storytelling skills into the realm of audio dramas, as they have fascinated me since I was a kid. Now that I have the means to tell the creepy, yet quirky, story of ‘Return Home’ correctly, I am excited to bring it to the ears of people everywhere,” said Heimbuch.

“I jumped at the chance to work on an audio-centric, story-driven podcast. It’s been a blast to create this world using only sound, so far, and we can’t wait to continue this journey,” said Taylor.

“Return Home” is available now on iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever else you can find podcasts. For more information, contact Jeff Heimbuch at or visit

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