Buzz and Berry Up for Hills 2?


Michael Berryman back for Hills 2?We just got word from a reader by the name of Jon who was in attendance at this weekend’s Flashback Weekend in Chicago and got some potentially good casting news for the Hills Have Eyes sequel.

He told us he chatted with both Ezra Buzzington (from the recent Hills remake) and Michael Berryman (of the original Hills), who told him that they’re both in talks to join the cast of The Hills Have Eyes 2, which starts rolling in a few weeks under the direction of newcomer Martin Weisz. You may recall that Michael Bailey Smith will be back under the makeup again as well, so if it all works out, we could have a damn fine list of mutants!

Obviously it’s all just hearsay right now, but I’m sure official word will be making its way online any day now. Stay tuned!

Johnny Butane

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