Bruce Campbell Vs. Frankenstein! Gimme Some Stitches, Baby!

bc - Bruce Campbell Vs. Frankenstein! Gimme Some Stitches, Baby!His name is Bruce Campbell, and this time he’s fighting Frankenstein. We may never see Campbell in a Bubba Ho-Tep sequel or another installment in the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness franchise, but it looks as if we are definitely getting a follow-up to Campbell’s self-parodying My Name is Bruce.

Ain’t It Cool News got word from the man himself that Bruce vs. Frankenstein is officially on the way.

“Hello everyone. Bruce Campbell here. This urgent message is short, because my keystrokes are monitored and I fear for my life. My partner at Dark Horse comics, Mike Richardson (normally a very rational and talented man), threatened to have his foot soldiers “crush my spleen” if I did what I am about to do. But the fans deserve to know, so with great trepidation I officially announce Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, the sequel to My Name is Bruce. Principal photography begins this fall in Oregon. I’d like to live long enough to see the cameras roll, so please, for the love of God, do not tell anyone – I can’t risk this announcement getting back to Mike! Thank you.”

Wish I could say I was bigger fan of My Name is Bruce than I was. Hopefully pitting Bruce Campbell against Frankenstein’s monster opens up more opportunities for that patented craziness we love The Chin for instead of becoming just another excuse to see how many Moontrap jokes one can make in the span of 90 minutes.

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