Cannon Films Making a Comeback!


What do films like Masters of the Universe, Bloodsport, American Ninja, Death Wish 2, and many other hugely entertaining movies from the ’70s and ’80s have in common? They were all churned out by Cannon Films, a hugely popular distributor before closing its doors in 1994.

But now, after a hiatus of more than 20 years, Cannon’s official website has stated that they’re back in business; see the full text below. So expect more of that over-the-top action movie goodness to be coming our way soon. Hell, maybe they’ll even fill the void left when Lionsgate went from being a creativity driven independent distributor into yet another greedy major studio.

Cannon Films Ltd. was founded in 2014 by Richard Albiston, after spending years under the guidance of the Cannon Group Inc.’s former CEO and Chairman, Menahem Golan.

Today, the company is proud to enforce the ideals of Menahem Golan, putting the artist first and enabling them to have the freedom to create their vision, their way; a unique approach that is not found anywhere else in the industry today.

Cannon Films Ltd. has developed successful working relationships worldwide with companies operating in over fifteen countries. Together their mission is to produce new and original motion pictures for a 21st century audience.

A new slate of movies is on the horizon including America Ninja Apprentice, Return of The Delta Force, U.S. Sniper, and more…

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