Exclusive Refuge Clips and Q&A with Director Andrew Robertson


Andrew Robertson’s survival horror feature Refuge​​ is now available on VOD and iTunes (and more) via Gravitas Ventures so we thought it time to catch up with the writer and director, who dished on the film and provided us with a couple of exclusive clips. Read on!

Produced by Robertson’s wife and filmmaking partner, Lilly Kanso, ​Refuge​ is (according to the official synopsis) “a post‐apocalyptic thriller set amid the ruins of a collapsed America. It chronicles a family’s struggle to survive and rebuild a life in the wake of a great catastrophic plague. Living in isolation, within an old boarded up home, they do their best to maintain a sense of normalcy amidst a lawless world of roaming gangs and dwindling resources.”

Having premiered at L.A.’s prestigious Screamfest Film Festival (see our coverage here), Refuge​ stars Carter Roy (“Castle”), Amy Rutberg, Chris Kies, Eva Grace Kellner (“Boardwalk Empire”), Sebastian Beacon, Travis Grant, and Mark Ashworth.

Robertson said of the film, a thoroughly enjoyable slow and compelling burn that eschews the sensibilities of the brunt of current post-apocalyptic cinema/TV for a decidedly humanist approach, “The creative inspiration for this was initially the desire to make a sort of neo-western. I love the western genre because it’s a perfect place to explore how humans treat each other when there are no laws or real consequences for behaving badly. To me, the post-apocalyptic genre is the new western. At some level we’re all worried about the end of the world, whether it be from a plague or clash of civilizations or an asteroid or whatever. The bottom line is it’s on our minds, and our movies reflect that.”

Refuge: Clip #1 by Dread Central

Refuge: Clip #2 by Dread Central

A perfect companion piece to director John Hillcoat’s 2009 feature The Road, Robertson said of his similar approach to Refuge, “For me, I wanted to tell a story that was a little quieter and more focused on what it might actually feel like to be alone with the ones you love following a catastrophic breakdown of society. Life, I think, would be pretty quiet. We would establish new routines for survival, and there would be a lot of anxiety when coming into contact with strangers. Just like the old days. There would be long periods of silence interrupted by occasional bursts of fear and violence.”

Refuge is now available through VOD, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network.

Refuge: Trailer by Dread Central






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