EFM 2016: Exclusive Artwork Premiere for The Channel


Near death experiences can be frightening to say the least. Near death experiences that result in bringing back something demonic from the other side? Yeah, that’s the worst! Read on for your first info on The Channel, and dig on our exclusive artwork premiere.

From the Press Release:
Coming out of the BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL, North American distributor Indican Pictures acquired distribution rights to this exciting Christian sci-fi supernatural film – THE CHANNEL. Produced by Myron Natwick and directed by Tom Lewis, the film was the recent winner of the Fright Night Film Festival. The film will open in East Coast theaters on March 18th before going nationwide in a day and date release with West Coast theaters on March 23rd, thereby making the film available in 180 million homes!

The film is scary with a great moral message that wraps religion, the supernatural, and our greatest fears all into one film. This is not a cheesy horror movie but instead a clever, heartfelt film that brings the Christian audience into the horror genre (Randolph Kret, Indican Pictures VP).

The Channel was screened by us at the EFM after debuting at the Fright Night Film festival, and as part of our aggressive new campaign for sci-fi films with a fresh angle, we hunted this film down. The film will, we hope, energize a new synergy between Christian audiences and the horror genre (Shaun Hill, Indican Pictures  President).

The film is being featured in several supernatural-themed magazines and TV shows this spring as the genesis of the story is rooted in a real life experience.

Negotiations were conducted by Shaun Hill of Indican Pictures, Tom Lewis, and Myron Natwick of Seeing Shadows LLC.

Following a near-death experience in a car crash, teenager Cassie Stevens finds herself haunted by a shadowy figure… something has followed her back from the other side. As these visions escalate, Cassie discovers that everyone haunted by this specter has died. No shrink can help her, only a priest, Fr. McCready, who can perform the only remedy Cassie may have – an exorcism. Will it work? Will she die? Or will it free the demon?

The Channel



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