EFM 2016: Indican Pictures Enters The Sector


It’s time to head back to the post-apocalyptic future… You know the place; everything’s gone to shit, survival is on the agenda, and the conditions couldn’t be worse. Welcome to Indican Pictures’ latest acquisition, The Sector!

From the Press Release:
On the eve of the Berlin Film Festival and European Film Market, North American distributor Indican Pictures has acquired distribution rights to The Sector, an exciting thriller from Josh Ridgway. This fantastic film takes a futuristic setting that combines elements of The Hunger Games, Blade Runner, and Interstellar into this sci-fi genre gem that will leave you twisted! You get it all with a great cast that keeps you anchored to the screen (Randolph Kret, Indican Pictures VP).

Being sci-fi fans, Indican Pictures was intrigued by the idea of a futuristic film that was set in a dystopian world that combines parallel universe concepts, bounty hunters, simulated humans, and the good old staple of the rich suppressing the poor all in one film that makes each component work. Our company first heard of the film at the American Film Market, where we attended a screening; upon seeing the movie, we were blown away and pursued the film vigorously (Shaun Hill, Indican Pictures President). The filmmakers brought incredible detail to the picture and took a brilliant step by bringing internationally famous sci-fi actors into the film with real parts – not just bit cameos.

This mix of talent makes the film more globally prominent, and so our company decided to make THE SECTOR part of our inaugural slate of sci-fi films for the international marketplace. We have three more films we hope to close at Berlin as well.

AFM marked our company’s launch into TV-friendly and sci-fi films for the foreign market, and we are using Berlin to introduce ourselves to our international buyers. This film typifies the kind of independent filmmaking that is global in its approach and thinking and, along with our joint venture that was just announced with 108 Media, puts us in a position to strengthen our brand globally (Shaun Hill, Indican Pictures President).

Negotiations were conducted by Michael Sherman of Reed Smith, LLP, and Shaun Hill for Indican Pictures and with producers Josh Ridgway and Rishi Chitkara from Copper Kid Productions.

Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop, Black Hawk Down, Kingpin, Asarum, Genghis Khan), Lance Henriksen (Quick & the Dead, Aliens, Terminator, “Millenium,” Tron), Clarence Gilyard, Jr. (Top Gun, “Walker, Texas Ranger,” Die Hard, “Matlock”), Eric Roberts (The Expendables, Dark Knight, Maximum Impact, “Heroes”), John Wesley Shipp (“The Flash,” “Teen Wolf,” “JAG”), and Vernon Wells (Road Warrior, Commando, Weird Science, Innerspace) star.

Indican plans on bringing the film to the Cannes Film Market and will release the film domestically in early summer of 2016.

In a dystopian world, a bounty hunter sets out to capture a ruthless band of outlaws who have kidnapped an important father and daughter through a world of multiverses. Unbeknownst to the outlaws and the bounty hunter, another, more powerful man known only as The Finisher has plans of his own…

The Sector



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