VR Project The Tale of Two Faces Pits Leatherface Against Ghostface


As the VR craze grows, we’re finally getting something that horror fans have dreamed about for decades. Leatherface and Ghostface sharing the screen. Read on for full details of their “face” off (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Filmmaker Joston Theney teams with Radiant Images to create the first fully immersive VR narrative project, THE TALE OF TWO FACES.

Writer/director Joston “El Rey” Theney of #SinningWorks teams with the award-winning 2D, 3D, and virtual reality solutions house Radiant Images, whose credits include the Ron Howard film In the Heart of the Sea, The 33, and the Jake Gyllenhaal sports drama Southpaw, to create the first fully immersive VR experience in narrative filmmaking. Radiant Images is renowned for its innovation in the way of leading edge technology for the film and TV industries. And Radiant Images’ streaming partner VRLIVE will provide a device-agnostic premiere of the film on May 13, 2016 (Friday the 13th).

With VRLIVE’s support, for the first time ever and for FREE, everyone everywhere will be able to stream the VR film to any viewing device with an internet connection, be it iPhone, iPad, Desktop, PlayStation, Tablet, Android phone, etc.

THE TALE OF TWO FACES brings two of horror’s most identifiable and iconic villains to the same killing grounds. Scream’s “Ghostface” and “Leatherface” of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre go head-to-head in a parodic pastiche that’s part of a planned 6-part series of VR projects from #SinningWorks and writer/director Theney. It stars popular music singer Emii and former “Baywatch” star Angelica Bridges. THE TALE OF TWO FACES premieres Friday, May 13, 2016 on VRLIVE.com.

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