Hate Getting Wet? Here’s a Horror-Themed Umbrella!


We’ve seen some pretty weird horror merchandise before, but I never thought that I’d be reporting on a horror-themed umbrella, no sir. Well, here it is anyway.

The site Pluvio Umbrella has a selection of very stylish designs, including one called Nightmare by well-known horror artist Alex Pardee, which can be yours for $49, plus free shipping if you live in the US or Canada. It’s limited to 200 units worldwide, making it a definite collector’s item, so if you really hate getting wet, then this is clearly a worthwhile investment.

Be sure to visit Pluvio to also check out Illustrated Ink’s Skullerfly Beauties design. It’s a winner, too!

Umbrella 2 (1)

Umbrella 3 (1)



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