Manos: Hands of Fate Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Sequel Manos Returns


What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1966 horror classic Manos: Hands of Fate than with a sequel? That’s right… following up on a Foywonder story from about five years ago, Manos Returns has launched a campaign on Kickstarter, with many of the original cast returning. And this time they’ll get paid.

Produced by Jackey Neyman Jones, who played little Debbie in the B-movie classic Manos: The Hands of Fate, Manos Returns is a tongue-in-cheek return to Valley Lodge. It follows a group of young would-be filmmakers who learn their favorite movie, Manos: The Hands of Fate, is based on a true story. They set out to visit the site of the events that inspired the original, and of course they find more than they bargained for.

Thanks to “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” Manos has become a pop culture phenomenon, gaining more and more fans as time goes on. We think it’s high time we found out what became of everyone at Valley Lodge, so we want to film Manos Returns this summer, release it on DVD, and have it ready to screen in time for Manos’ 50th anniversary, November 15, 2016.

Manos Returns will feature many of the characters from the original Manos, but the tone is much lighter. Our writer had the inspiration that going in an almost campy direction, making the movie both horror and comedy, would be the best way to both honor the original and embrace all the reasons why people are still fascinated by it today. Manos Returns is a sequel, yes, but one set in the not too distant past. Think of Manos Returns as the irreverent grandkid of the original Manos.

Manos Returns is coming from a place of affection and respect…..respect for what Hal Warren was trying to do, respect for the other people involved, and respect for the fans who LOVE Manos for all the reasons that it’s bad. The pure number of Manos-inspired projects, both attempted and successful, points to a need for this to happen. Clearly there’s something there people can’t leave alone.

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