Exclusive: The Museum Project Debuts Its First Spooky Trailer


Writing, directing, producing, and editing team Dion Cavallaro and Paul E. Thomas are hard at work putting the finishing touches on their upcoming found footage horror flick The Museum Project. To help spread the good word about Freeze Frame Films’ promising endeavor, Cavallaro and Thomas have given Dread Central a first look at the film’s trailer.

The team also delivered a pretty snazzy poster to promote the movie, which you can find nestled below.

However, if you’re expecting the same old found footage flick, think again. Freeze Frame has taken a different approach with The Museum Project:

We as filmmakers realize that the found footage style has been used quite a number of times; however, we wanted to offer our take on the genre and deliver a fun, creepy, atmospheric ride for the audience. Our film runs at 45 minutes, which is definitely a short feature length, but we feel that we’ve cut the fat that a lot of other found footage films falter with. We really believe this film holds true to the found footage genre without all the incessant fill that can plague these types of films. We’ve really tried to create an efficient, concise, and gripping film that we hope horror fans will enjoy.

A group of students decide to base their media assignment on a local railway museum myth. However, when they trespass the premises after hours, they soon learn that some myths are more than stories.

Dion Cavallaro, Paul E. Thomas, and Freeze Frame Films are currently aiming for a March release. In the meantime, feel free to stare at the following trailer for as long as you like. Also, check out Freeze Frame’s official Facebook and YouTube pages for lots of helpful info.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Zb–dmd-U&w=640&h=360]

The Museum Project Poster



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