Found Footage Flick Seekers Will Make You Think Twice About Geocaching


Writer/director Michael Effenberger’s upcoming found footage flick Seekers explores the inherent dangers of geocaching. And while this premise has been tackled in the past (if you remember Are You Scared 2, then I’m sorry), Effenberger and his cast and crew are hoping to bring something a little different to the cinematic table. Since I’m a sucker for found footage movies (keyword: SUCKER), chances are Seekers will find its way to my television when it journeys to the US.

Accompanied by a cameraman, the four friends Mike, Eileen, Sarah and George go into the deep forests of Poland to shoot a documentary about their hobby: Geocaching, a modern form of treasure hunting. In their search, the group finds an old abandoned hotel, where they spend the night. But the building hides a dark secret … As even a group member disappears in the middle of the night, the group experienced a night of horror. What began as a harmless trip is ending in a bloody nightmare!

Seekers hits Blu-ray and DVD on March 18, 2016, in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. As soon as we get a Stateside release date, we’ll definitely pass it along. If you don’t want to wait for us to deliver the info, spend some time watching the movie’s official Facebook page.





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