Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover Returns for Season 2

Fans of Adam Green’s web series “Scary Sleepover” will be excited to hear that Season 2 of the popular series, which lets you hear from your favorite horror stars in a very non-traditional setting, has been confirmed! Even better? Episode 1 is available right now.

Grab your PJ’s and a box of tissue as things have a tendency to give you “the feels” or whatever the hell it is today’s kids say!

On “Scary Sleepover” filmmaker Adam Green hosts a slumber party with a different celebrity guest each week and brings you horror’s biggest stars as you’ve never seen them before… in their pajamas. Roll out a sleeping bag, eat junk food, play board games, listen to stories, watch movies, and share some laughs as Green uncovers just what scares the artists who scare you for their living. Turn down the lights, hold on to your pillow, and whatever you do… don’t wet the bed.

Season 2 guests include Tony Todd, Felissa Rose, Joe Lynch, Slash, Brea Grant, Neil Marshall, Ti West, Kristina Klebe, Lucky McKee, and more!

Head on over to and start watching NOW!

scary sleepover1 - Adam Green's Scary Sleepover Returns for Season 2

Written by Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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