Midnight in the Desert Continues; Art Bell May Return Unannounced


A couple of weeks ago Art Bell announced that he was hanging it up due to safety issues, and the future of his recently launched show Midnight in the Desert was up in the air. Controversy ensued.

Since then the show’s producer, Heather Wade, took over the program; and as she puts it, she’s “keeping the lights on for Art should he decide to return.” After a rocky start, and of course it would have been rocky for anyone, Wade has begun to come into her own and is getting better with every show under the guidance of Bell, who’s working with her behind the scenes. The guests have been up to snuff, and the discussions have been as compelling as ever.

No matter how you slice it,  Art’s fingerprints are all over the show, and we believe that one day he’ll be back. Until then we highly recommend that you continue to keep the torch lit and the fires burning if you’re a fan of paranormal talk radio. Midnight in the Desert is still very much the top of the heap.

Midnight in the Desert airs every Monday to Friday from 9:00 PM Pacific to 12:00 Midnight. You can listen to Heather Wade LIVE on your smartphone or tablet using the TuneIn Radio app. Download the FREE TuneIn Radio app, and search for and follow the Dark Matter Digital Network, the home for all things Art Bell and paranormal related.

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Midnight in the desert - Midnight in the Desert Continues; Art Bell May Return Unannounced



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