Dead Daughters Will Rise… in the U.S.


I tell you, I’ve been doing this for a long time, and there is nothing better than hearing that one of your own has made good.

In this case, that one is Jared Rivet, a man who used to help us out a lot back in the Creature Corner days and has been a good friend since. Today Fangoria reported that Rivet has been given the job to adapt the upcoming Russian horror film Dead Daughters for the U.S. market.

Set to open in Mother Russia on August 31st, Daughters tells of three girls who were murdered by their mother. Exactly one year later the ghosts of the wronged girls return to enact revenge on their lifegiver, but their vengeance does not end there. Those who witness their acts are watched for three days, and if they do one thing wrong, the daughters descend on them to hold a merciless trial.

Gold Circle Films, previously responsible for White Noise, its upcoming sequel, and Slither, are fronting the cash for the U.S. adaptation. No word on who will put it out here in the States, but given Gold Circle’s love affair with Universal, there’s a good chance the major will get behind this as well.

Rivet also has a zombie script called Killers of the Dead in the works with J. C. Barrows attached to direct. More on both projects very soon!

Johnny Butane

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