Wanna Live in a Mansion?


One of our contacts at Special Op Media has alerted us to the launch of a new website that combines social networking with moviemaking: LiveMansion.com. According to the press release put out by media group Ckrush, Inc., members of the LiveMansion.com community will function as a producer of the company’s upcoming film, LIVE MANSION: THE MOVIE, a thriller set in the underground world of mega-mansion, rave-style parties.

“Social networking has become a powerful collective force in today’s world,” said Jeremy Dallow, President of Ckrush. “LiveMansion.com takes this phenomenon in a new direction, harnessing the participatory nature of the web in a whole new way.” Members can contribute by entering an open casting call, auditioning to become the director, and/or calling the shots as a producer. The online producers will vote during the talent search and will continue to assist with key decisions that are made throughout the rest of the production process, earning “producer points” as they take part in the making of the film. Those who participate the most will be brought to the set and will earn equity in LIVE MANSION: THE MOVIE among other benefits.

It’s definitely an original idea, and you can count on Dread Central to keep you updated as the film progresses.

For more info on Ckrush, visit their official site; and all you would-be actors and filmmakers out there be sure to check out LiveMansion.com. You never know what might come of it!

Uncle Creepy

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