Bill Oberst Jr. Heads to Reversion

Any time word comes that Bill Oberst, Jr., is in another film, horror or not, we sit up and take notice. Thankfully, he loves dabbling in the dark and macabre so we always have something to talk about! The next project for him… Reversion!

Written by Philippe Louis Galliano and directed by Daisuke Kobayashi, the film is an Australian, US, and Thai co-production that begins filming in Southeast Asia in mid-2016.

After the suicide of his father, a debt-ridden entrepreneur inherits the family home and brings his wife and stepdaughter to help him clean it up for a quick sale. They discover that staying in the house involves its macabre history and enduring the resentful presence of its past residents.

Reversion - Bill Oberst Jr. Heads to Reversion

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