Sid Haig Gives Us the Lowdown on Bone Tomahawk


Getting the opportunity to speak to a horror heavyweight is a privilege in itself, but to be able to speak with someone whose work you’ve admired for years is an even bigger treat. We here at Dread Central were graced with the opportunity of speaking with Sid Haig for a few moments regarding his role in the cannibalistic horror-western Bone Tomahawk (review) as well as a few other topics, including what he’ll be working on next, so settle in and enjoy!

DC: Sid, can you tell us a little about the film as well as your character, Buddy?

SH: Basically, it’s about four men who set out to rescue one of the men’s wives – she was kidnapped by cannibal-like troglodytes, and bad things happen all along the way. It’s compelling, and probably one of the most intelligently written scripts that I’ve seen in a while.


DC: You absolutely knocked it out of the park in your role of Buddy – do you enjoy the shorter cameo roles, or are you more a fan of the leading man depictions?

SH: Well, I like to do things that are sensible, whether they’re short or long. Of course, you want to be on the throne as long as you can, and if it’s something more like a cameo, then you just make the best of it.

DC: Whose work (acting wise) do you enjoy? – there’s got to be that one person who blows you away on screen.

SH: I know this might sound weird, but Brad Pitt – when you go from Fight Club to Meet Joe Black, that’s a big stretch, man – he was believable all the way down the line, and he always has been.

DC: Lastly, what’s going to be on your work list after the release of Bone Tomahawk?

SH: I have two films in post-production, actually – one is called High on the Hog, and it’s about a group of people who come together as a family and work together to protect one another until things turn bad. The other film is still in production, and that one’s called Abruptio, which is very interesting because they’re using life-sized marionettes to tell the story.

Bone Tomahawk



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