Neill Blomkamp Introduces His Badass Alien Pulse Rifle

Neill Blomkamp is a badass. I happen to think so, anyway. And even though Chappie had its problems, I gladly added it to my somewhat bloated movie collection. Not surprisingly, I’m in full-on fanboy mode when it comes to Blomkamp’s take on the Alien franchise, so any slice of news regarding the project is enough to send me into fits. Oh, I wish I was exaggerating.

To keep our adrenaline pumping while he’s in pre-production on the next installment, Blomkamp shared his version of the franchise’s pulse rifle, though his edition comes complete with a Rail Integration System. That’s pretty much just fancy talk for attaching badass accessories to an already badass weapon. Want a flashlight? Just pop it right in there. How about a bayonet? You can have that, too. I won’t say the sky’s the limit, but the possibilities are certainly there for robust modification while engaging bloodthirsty Xenomorphs during intergalactic missions.

Anyway, here’s Neill Blomkamp’s badass pulse rifle. Did I mention that it’s badass? I may have, but, just for the record, I would like to say that it’s pretty cool. And by that, I mean badass.

Alien Pulse Rifle 1024x550 - Neill Blomkamp Introduces His Badass Alien Pulse Rifle

Written by Todd Rigney

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